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18 September 2014

Temporary Studio Table in the Garage

For several weeks, I have been using the garage as the space for my temporary studio table for my projects, both paid work and personal. Because my art and design supplies are in various rooms and all over the places in my home, I had to resort to using the garage space for my work. It is relatively cool, and I can open the garage door if I need fresh air. 

The funny thing is that I have a reputation at many art retreats and workshops for being neat and organized. Nothing could be further from the truth - I'm not. Anyway, the series of photos here show the taking down process - I was packing up the supplies and putting them away as someone needs to put the car in the garage.

It does take a while to move these stuff around, sort them, and organize them.  Then put them away - hopefully I will remember where I put them. As soon as I put them away, I often forgot where I put them. That's why I don't enjoy putting anything away - I remember better where I put anything on a messy table. That's how my mind works.

After an hour or so, I finally am getting closer to finishing the clean up job. 

Now you can say that I'm neat and organized...

All is now left is the brown kraft paper - of course I kept it for the next studio session. 

See? Just two simple boards and a pair of collapsible sawhorses. 

The job is now done. Will I come back to working in that garage? Maybe yes - depending on the weather and humidity. I often used the top surfaces of washing machine and dryer as another studio space for my work. Other times I used the dining table in the kitchen for small projects. I have to be flexible and adaptive, but I sure would love to have a more permanent studio space - after I go through every storage box and do a thorough sorting, editing, purging, compressing and reorganizing. Easier said than done, but it's doable...thanks for visiting my temporary space.

01 April 2014

Back to the Blogosphere!

Hello everyone,

First of all, I'm now back to the blogosphere. Wow, I have been out of it for almost four years, and I have been encouraged to get back to blogging as I have so much to share! For several years, I have been busy with letterpress printing, stenciling, bookbinding, collage, and documenting.

Secondly, I've just added a list of the upcoming classes on the left column. Last Saturday March 29, 2014, I just completed a test run of my new stenciling & bookbinding class, and it was a fabulous success. My wonderfully talented students were able to stencil & create book cloth for the covers, and bound two text blocks of different sizes in one day - look at what they have created! You can learn how to do the same at two retreats - one on the East Coast (July 2014) and one on the West Coast (September 2014). See photo below:

Aren't they WONDERFUL?!? But wait, all you're seeing are the front covers. The link to the video shows more details of the samples that I've created for the retreat classes: 

I will be showing you the samples for other class in another post soon. Looking forward to creating more future posts and hearing from you. :-)

10 January 2010

Bruce Hebron's The Metal Shed

My friend, Jeri, knows how much I love to see other people's studios and workplaces, so she made an appointment for both of us to visit Bruce's metal studio in central California. After we visited other places in Paso Robles, we headed out into the country. Following the written directions that Jeri had in her hand, we got off the blacktop and onto the dirt road that seemed to lead us to nowhere.

After a while on what it seemed to me an enternal road with no end in sight, I became a little bit uneasy. I wondered if we knew where we were going...

Much to my relief, we saw this sign and right away, I felf safe.

Jeri parked her car near this "Metal Shed", and we were warmly welcomed by the artist/owner, Bruce Hebron. Although it looked like a shack in the picture, it's not.

Before we entered into the metal studio, we were invited to walk around the place and go inside his contemporary style house (not pictured in this blog to respect his privacy). A wheelbarrow below is used as a planter.

That's his garden...

His hand-created gate...

The tool shed...

This is so cool! A boat converted into a planter. I am getting the feeling that Someone's trying to show me how planters can be created in different ways - few days before this one, I saw a sneaker, a car, and a group of flowerpots being used as planters in both northern Oregon and southern Washington.

A colorful fence made with painted shovels - how clever!!!

After we had our drinks and friendly chats in the private home, we head for the studio. I saw this pizza clock, and fell in love with it.

A wallful of templates - Bruce's a modelmaker and he does the castings.

He builds whimsical models that can be used on tracks - they're collectibles. Shown below are two of his many models.

He does the replicas of horses and steam engines, too.

He also does planes and ships - the one below is a scaled replica of a damaged ship.

This is a wall diorama of a fishing village - about 2-3 feet wide. All made entirely of metal.

Another "diorama" of another fishing village - so detailed and colorful.

My favorite one - a hot-dog stand. I don't know why, but I love it!

Jeri and I had a great time - we thoroughly enjoyed Bruce's stories and adventures. I am amazed at the number of rooms and the variety of tools that Bruce used in the creation of his scale models and dioramas. I wish that Bruce has a website that is up and running, but I'm hoping that it will be soon as he has so many amazing models for sale to the collectors and galleries.

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